Almaz Architect Sdn Bhd’s design policy is to develop a truly contemporary Malaysian architecture, easily identifiable, not too ethnic yet
distinct from the Balinese and Thai neighbours. We steer away from symbolisms. Instead, we adopt and enhance design elements,
which evolved through traditions, which in turn were created from our forefather’s response to the tropical climate.

Our design intention is to shade the sun, catch the breeze and reduce as much as possible, dependence on air-conditioning.
We love water and landscape elements and will use them as much as possible to enhance our design as well as
the outside and transient spaces in between. We strive to connect the outside with the inside so that
man is not detached from nature, neither is he stifled by it, but rather he is comforted by it.

Our design approach is to first study the natural terrain of the site and design around it with minimal earthwork.
We will work closely with the client and together work out a brief, which describes and determines
the needs and goals of the client. All these will crystallize in the design of the final product

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